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"Ayelet is the best Montessori I have come across. Falak & team give their mind and hearts out to each and every child in it. My son just loves this place and has improved a lot after being there. I would recommend this place to everyone I know." - Krupa MP

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Our Curriculum

Ayelet  Montessori, is a young House of Children, formed by passionate parents & educators with a strong belief in Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational method. 

​We at Ayelet offer programs which are underpinned by Montessori approach.

Our mixed age-group class environment ensures all students get ample opportunity to learn and guide. They work as a community, building themselves and each other. Younger children look up to the older ones, while the latter enjoy getting mentoring opportunities. This develops empathy, healthy class environment and self-confidence.

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Toddler Program (18-30 mos)


You may refer to this phase as the 'Terrible Twos' but we believe in the TERRIFIC TWOS.  

Timing: 09:30 am - 11:30 am

Primary Program (2.5-6+ yrs)


If you truly want to experience transformation, you need to see a Montessori primary child. The program is designed for children between the ages of 2.5 to 6 years, it is the perfect opportunity to develop and nurture the child's individual path within the community setting.

Timing: 09:30 am - 1:30 pm

After school


We understand the struggles of a working family, that's the reason why we offer after - school care for children above 2 years. This facility is available only for Ayelet families. 

Timing: 01:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Areas we cover:

Practical Life

Ayelet Montessori Practical Life Material

Practical Life Exercises not only work at strengthening a child's elementary movements. They also help them take care of themselves, their environment and others. These exercises work at developing the child’s independence as well as at his concentration levels. 

Children also learn to follow steps (or a sequence) as they explore things in an environment specially prepared for them. From washing hands to tying shoe laces these activities are attractive to the will of the child and they love performing them.  Acts of Grace & Courtesy are also a crucial part of Practical Life Exercises.


Ayelet Montessori Sensorial Material IMTC AMI IMS

With sensorial material children get an experience of classifying, sorting, pairing, grading material based on their sense of touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing, etc. These sensorial activities not only work at developing the child for future activities, they also help the child appreciate the world around him.

The purpose of sensorial activities offered to the child for him/her to get clear and conscious information and to be able to then make classifications in his environment. Dr. Montessori believes child starts gaining sensorial impressions at birth itself, the child can beautifully described as a 'sensorial explorer.


Ayelet Montessori lANGUAGE Material Phonics, Grammar, writing, reading

Language is woven in every activity in a Montessori environment (informally and formally). Even before formally introducing sounds (phonics) we have language activities in form of group discussions, stories & rhymes, name lessons, vocabulary development exercises, conversations, etc. 
Formally, we first introduce language in form of vocabulary enrichment activities, phonics, writing, reading and grammar. Specially designed language material help the child develop their language skills. In a Montessori environment, writing & reading come as an ‘explosion’, when it occurs, they delight the child, the guides and the parents. Our language program will help your child learn & love writing & reading.


Ayelet Montessori Arithmetic Maths Material

Arithmetic material developed by Montessori are a work of a genius. They help children appreciate abstract concepts by showing them in a concrete form. The child gets familiar with numbers, the decimal system, get a better understanding on how numbers work. They eventually get introduced to 4 arithmetic operations across hierarchies and levels. This leads to a strong understanding of mathematical concepts, which will help the child in future. 

Once the concepts are clear and as the child progresses we help them move from concrete to abstract. Here, as in other areas, emphasis is on understanding the concepts.


Ayelet Montessori cultural Material American Montessori Internationale AMS AMI IMTC IMC IIMTT

The cultural area of Montessori education believes in giving the whole world to the child. The area includes Geography, History, Zoology, Botany, other Sciences, Art, Music, etc.

In Ayelet, we ensure we give equal importance to the Cultural curriculum, along with the other areas. 

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