People behind Ayelet Montessori

Falak Randerian Founder Directress

Falak Randerian Montessori Early Childhood Education Founder Directress

Falak is a certified Montessorian from Indian Montessori Training Centre and the brain behind Ayelet. She has over 8 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and Montessori. Falak loves working with children and is extremely passionate about providing the perfect Montessori environment for them. She believes children can be offered the world if they’re in the right environment. Falak followed her passion and started working with children after doing a post-graduation in communication management, she is also a certified phonics and grammar trainer.​

Faizan Akhtar Co-Founder

Faizan Akhtar Montessori Early Childhood Education

With over a decade of experience in research & marketing. Faizan is equally passionate about providing the right kind of learning experience for children and believes strongly in the Montessori approach. A big supporter of quality early childhood education, Faizan is in favour of overall development of a child, which he trusts can come if we follow the Montessori method.