Ayelet Parent Speaks:

"Thank you to each one of you for every small thing Virat has learnt till date.  He has become so independent, aware and curious. Ayelet is the kind of school which you wish you had attended as  a child." Rekha Mogili

Quiz: are you a Montessori Parent?

A Note from Falak:

I’d like to thank you on behalf of the team Ayelet for showing interest in our Montessori! It’s crucial to give your child the right foundation, especially in their early years of education. And like an authentic Montessori, Ayelet works hard at giving just that (and more) to your child. Though, you will get a lot of information from our website, it is best to fix an appointment and book a tour of the environment. 

As a parent, an educationist, a Montessori guide & directress, I find meeting prospective parents an enriching experience, more so, when we discuss the person in question – your child. I also love  sharing the wonderful benefits of a Montessori House of Children, like ours. 

You can schedule a tour on weekdays between 10:00am – 3:00pm. We also organize Saturday  tours on special requests. 

Please book an appointment before visiting Ayelet.