Ayelet Parent Speaks:

"My kids have been going to Ayelet for over a year now, being a new parent I was not sure what Montessori method is and will it help my children. I am very happy with the guidance they have received in last 1 year. They have become more responsible, more mature and they keep surprising us with what all they know ! Thank you for being so patient with us new parents, asking multiple queries! For really being the Happy Place for my children. You guys are helping us in parenting in a big way. Specially with sessions you organize, it helps us to be guided towards helping our children. Our children love each one of you ... thank you so much" - Monika Pandya Sah

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Montessori Method

Why Montessori Works?

  • Focus on the Key Developmental Stages 
  • Multi-age group environment 
  • Encourages individualistic learning in a collaborative setting.
  • Child-centric (not teacher centric) learning
  • Gift of choice
  • Deep connection between the student & guide (teacher).
  • Group activitie
  • 3-4 years Montessori cycle
  • Montessori Inspires Creativity
  • Kindergarten Included (child doesn't need to attend a separate playschool)
  • Focused on the total, hands-on learning
  • 'The Children's House' - Your child's happy place!
  • Overall develpment

The Montessori Method

It is a wholesome and comprehensive education approach. It caters to children from infancy to adulthood. The method is based on scientific discoveries and observation by Dr. Montessori herself. We often refer to the method as an ‘education for life’. This is a globally recognised approach. 

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