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"Falak is a very caring and professional Montessori Guide whom the children respond very well to. My kid has bloomed at "Ayelet", growing into an independent, strong and confident child. Has improved socially and academically already. Has begun to recognise and write letters and numbers in such a short space of time. Falak is very approachable for parents and my kid looks forward to going into Montessori everyday, enjoying both indoor and outdoor activities planned and executed very well by Falak.Overall, Falak is a brilliant teacher and Ayelet is truly a child's happy place!" - Atiya Sultana

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Ayelet Montessori based Pre School

Why choose Ayelet Montessori?

Ayelet Montessori ensures those smiles at your little ones’ faces stay intact. Our beautiful space is located in a green, cosy, little lane (mostly commotion and noise free) in MICO Layout, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bengaluru. Our facility is a hygienic, naturally lit, well ventilated, neat, safe and inviting with premium quality Montessori materials. To maintain an authentic Montessori education, we have Montessori trained guides and a suitable child-appropriate environment. There are many things which set Ayelet apart:

Follow the Child is the main mantra that Dr. Maria Montessori believed in. We believe each child has a desire to learn and we as an educator needs to support this process of learning. We observe the child and then offer him/her lessons accordingly. No two children are the same to us, each child learns at his/her pace; hence our curriculum is extremely ​individualised. 

​​Child’sHappy Place: Our aim is very clear, if the child is happy at Ayelet, s/he will learn and grow to the best of their ability. When the child is happy, parents will be happy and that’s what  we want. 

Reading is encouraged by an in-house library to which we keep on adding new titles regularly. Children know they can pick up a book and browse/read through it whenever they want to. Children choose a book every week from the school library to take home. The read aloud sessions are an integral part of Ayelet environment. After these sessions children do various activities around the story that was read. These activities may be guided or can revolve around a child’s own understanding of the story. Normally, children learn to read and put sounds together during the age of 2.5-6 years. We ensure the staff and parents understand the importance of reading and children are surrounded by books. 

Transparent Classroom: We have a school management system in place, which  helps us track each child’s overall development  across the years s/he spends with us. It also gives parents an opportunity to see how their child is shaping up.

Parents as Partners is a concept that we strongly believes in. Ayelet is a school where teachers and parents/guardians work together for the benefit of the child. This is a relationship of mutual respect which works best for the overall development of the child. 

Premium quality Montessori material is required as they are appealing to the child and also are built keeping your child in mind. Ayelet’s environment is developed to ensure a child uses the best Montessori material available. All materials are scientifically designed by experts to promote optimal learning of the child and to ensure your child is safe around them. 

Security is of prime importance as we know, we are responsible for your precious child. We not only have CCTV cameras installed, but our gates are manned by security guards as well. Entry of visitors is restricted and children aren’t allowed to go out of the school gates without a designated guardian. 

Team Ayelet is one of the main reasons why we are what we are, do read about us here. 

Authentic Montessori

Ayelet is recognised by the Government of Karnataka

We are registered with Indian Montessori Centre

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