Ayelet Parent Speaks:

"We have seen wholesome development of our daughter at Ayelet. It has been a Happy Place for her."

- Vanitha Ramamurthy

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Ayelet Montessori

About Us

Ayelet  Montessori, is a young House of Children, formed by passionate parents & educators with a strong belief in Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational method. The word ‘Ayelet’ is a Hebrew word, which means ‘Brightest Morning Star’; it  defines our goal to create a bright, rich, stimulating school environment for children, which will stay with them for life. Ayelet aims at fostering a community of children, educators and families, to support the optimum development of the child for life.

We are located in a beautiful little space BTM Layout, Bengaluru. We follow pure Montessori approach, at Ayelet Montessori, we know each child is unique, and we should help the children, help themselves. It is your child's happy place!

Falak Randerian and her husband Faizan Akhtar identified a need for an authentic Montessori House of Children in BTM, Bangalore. Falak has always dreamt about opening a Montessori school for children, this dream combined with a need to open such a space in the area, gave birth to Ayelet Montessori.

Ayelet Montessori started in August of 2017. In the first academic year we received a lot of positive response from parents. We are recognised by the Government of Karnataka (which many preschools aren’t) and also registered with the Indian Montessori Centre. 

Your Child's Happy Place!

Ayelet believes in giving your child a HAPPY, SAFE, CURIOUS environment. Each child at Ayelet Montessori is treated as an individual. Each Ayeletian develops his/her own path. 

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